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FCFS domains

FCFS domains are domains registered in a first-come-first-served basis. The .neatuser TLD on Neatcoin is currently registered this way.


FCFS domains cost 500 NEAT to register. To prevent domain name hoarding, the domain name must be renewed each year for 500 NEAT.

This fee is controlled by on-chain governance and can be changed later. However, existing FCFS domains maintain the property that the renewal fee will never be higher than the last one. For example, with the current network renewal fee being 500 NEAT, one registered a domain. If the network renewal fee then changed to 600 NEAT, the domain renewal fee is still 500 NEAT, for all years afterwards. If the network renewal fee is changed to 400 NEAT, then the domain renewal fee becomes 400 NEAT as well, for all year afterwards.


You can use the Neatcoin wallet to register FCFS domains.