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Top-level domains

Top-level domains (TLDs) are bare domains with only one part, like .com, .org, or .neat. In Neatcoin, top-level domains are distributed through governance, to enable further registrations and interoperability with other DNS systems.


Neatcoin-specific TLDs#

Neatcoin-specific TLDs are currently .neat and .neatuser. More can be added through on-chain governance later. Their registration information is directly stored on the Neatcoin blockchain.

.neat domains are distributed through auction, and .neatuser domains are first-come-first-served. You can read the subsections to learn more about how they works.


ICANN TLDs are normal domain names like .com, .net and .org. Their entry in Neatcoin is specifically masked so that they point to the ICANN root zone. This design allows Neatcoin to easily handle interoperability with existing DNS system as well as handling future addition of ICANN TLDs.


OpenNIC is an alternative DNS root zone with specific additional TLDs like .null, .libre and .bbs. Similar to ICANN TLDs, their entry in Neatcoin is specifically masked to point to the OpenNIC root zone.

Additional TLDs#

Additional alternative root zone services can also be added. In order to ensure all Neatcoin resolvers understand the meaning of all TLD types and can properly resolve them, they are added through on-chain runtime upgrades.

The current list of additional TLD types include Handshake root zone. Because the way Handshake works, it's impossible to support Handshake while maintaining compatibility with traditional DNS system, even for basic things like .com and .org. Therefore, Neatcoin only resolves particular Handshake TLDs of interests.


Conflict resolution#

It may happen that in the future ICANN adds an additional TLD that conflicts with one already on the Neatcoin network. On-chain governance on Neatcoin provides a method for conflict resolution. Neatcoin coin holders can collectively decide if they want to move solely to the new ICANN TLD, to continue to solely use the existing Neatcoin TLD, or to combine both with a priority system.